Joe Biden leak – the US, Ukraine and Holland colluded over MH17

This should be colossal. It will probably be ignored.

Joe Biden has the bulk of US media on his side. It seems also he’s towing social media along like a “Dirty British Coaster with its salt-caked smoke-stack”. OffGuardian, a paragon of truth in a world full of lies, recently published details of the way in which Twitter and Facebook have been taking down links to the big story of Hunter Biden, and his father’s, corrupt dealings with executives of Burisma energy company in Ukraine.

Allegedly a laptop was left at a repair shop by Hunter Biden which he never picked up. It contains thousands of incriminating emails together with other content which the Bidens might wish was not to be aired in public. The emails themselves, if proved to be genuine, are quite damning.

Leaving that aside, a recently released series of recordings of conversations between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko suggests the US, Ukraine and Holland (the country hosting the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) into the shooting down of passenger plane MH17) held a clandestine meeting in Kiev in December 2017.

14 minutes into this leaked tape in the telephone conversation recording of Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko, December 19, 2017, Biden says:

“You had a good week. You had a good week. You got the Dutch in line. . .”

What did he mean “You got the Dutch in line”?

Despite searches using different search engines I have been unable to locate any western press story at the time about a meeting and those involved in it. The story was covered by the Chinese press and borrowed by the Malaysian press but nothing appeared in Holland, the country in which the investigation is taking place.

If this investigation was open there would have been no reason to conceal from the Dutch public the fact that a meeting had taken place, and no reason to conceal it from the rest of the western world. Participants at the meeting were Ukrainian Prosecutor General, Yuri Lutsenko, Dutch Prosecutor in the MH17 case, Fred Westerbeke, the head of Ukraine’s State Security Service. Vasyl Grytsak and Dutch National Police Chief, Wilbert Paulissen. What this appears to amount to is secretive collusion.

From the start this JIT investigation has been flawed. For a start Ukraine is one of the suspects and should never have been allowed a seat on the investigation team. This meeting suggests there has been potentially fabricated evidence. The US knew about it. China knew about it. Malaysia knew about it. It was just you and me and the Dutch public who did not.

Charges against the three Russians and one Ukrainian accused of involvement in the shooting down of MH17 should be immediately dropped. Those colluding in this miscarriage should be dismissed from their jobs. The Dutch public should be given an explanation.

Joe Biden’s underhand dealings have no limit.

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