A warning to my MP

My indignation rises every time I think of what has happened to the Labour Party under its new leadership. I talked to a gentleman only this morning who has left the party because under Keir Starmer nobody is for us any more. He thinks a new party of Corbyn supporters would be preferable to what the Labour Party has become. I pointed out some of the problems with the creation of a new party though a candidate for London Mayor who spoke at Trafalgar Square on Saturday (19 Sept) was also in favour of a new party.

I have emailed my MP, Steve McCabe, and delivered to him by hand the following letter:

“Dear Steve,                     A warning!                                              21/09/2020

This week a draft document is being rushed through parliament which exonerates vaccine manufacturers and drugs companies from liability should any “untested” vaccine or drug they produce and administer have adverse effects on anyone given such medication. As with so many other pieces of legislation since this COVID-19 business began I suspect Her Majesty’s opposition is going to lie back and let it go through unopposed.


The opposition’s new leader, Keir Starmer, a lawyer, has gone into hiding under some self-imposed exile rather than do the job he was appointed to do. I recall the constituency meeting where you spoke so fervently on his behalf. What a weak leader he has turned out to be! Last week he, and you, allowed Boris Johnson to dictate upon the electorate a so-called “Rule of Six” so that families could not meet together in groups larger than six. As far as I can see you never questioned on what evidence this dictate was based and just let it happen unopposed. What kind of a party has the Labour Party become.

If your argument for not doing your parliamentary duty as an opposition is the “strange times” we are living in I do not accept that as an argument. We were offered the titbit at the start of this epidemic that if we “flatten the curve” we can start to get back to normal. This has turned out to be a lie – a dangling unattainable carrot to accompany the stick with which we are beaten on a daily basis over something, frankly, no more deadly than the flu. Here is evidence I downloaded yesterday that COVID-19 attributed deaths peaked at the end of April since which time the curve has been flat. The curve is bottom right of the graphic.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

If this draft document is accepted in any form which gives drugs’ companies and pharmaceutical cartels immunity from prosecution I warn you that I will personally, if I cannot get help, deliver letters to Selly Oak constituents pointing out how you allowed this to pass unopposed. You see, I remember Thalidomide – which incidentally was tested – the life-changing deformities it caused in new-born babies, and how Distillers Company tried to wriggle out of paying compensation. The electorate needs to know there is an opposition which stands against the pharmaceutical companies being allowed to treat people as guinea-pigs in an experiment which may lead to death, deformity, brain damage or any number of other adverse ailments.

Yours sincerely

John Goss”

As you can see, I am angry at the lack of opposition since establishment figure Keir Starmer took control of the Labour Party. As a political party it has subsequently laid on its back as though dead. Why are MPs not in parliament debating all the removals of liberty being imposed on society? The above graphic is clear evidence there is nothing to fear.

The only person I know who has been diagnosed as having had COVID-19 had it in April. She says it was scary and worrying at the time but not life-threatening. I met her recently when walking my dogs. Today she has come round to acknowledging that we are all being duped. She was happy to give me a hug. What’s more she is ready to go on the demonstrations against this baloney which has tried to make life as miserable as possible for those fond of entertainment, sport, socialising and holidaying. The Labour Party is an emasculated spectre of what it was when Aneurin Bevan introduced our once wonderful NHS – then the envy of the world – now threatened by stealth-driven privatisation.

I mentioned my friend in a blog post as being the only person I knew who had had COVID-19. Since then nothing has changed. I asked readers who they knew who had been diagnosed with COVID-19. I ask the same question now. Yet more and more restrictions are being imposed on us with no opposition to contest this fascism.

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  1. Nailed it again John. All power to your writers elbow.

    “When, while under the duress of a deceit, we sacrifice our liberty for safety we invariably end up losing both.” Anon

    Daniel, Suffolk 🙂


  2. The Starmer led Labour Party is a flesh crawling abomination as detailed here:


    In a recent video speech, Naomie Wolff spoke about the steps to fascism and queried the viewer as to whether he/she was experiencing an extreme sense of dislocation. I certainly am – and what causes it more than the COVID assault is the inexplicable eagerness of my old Left sites to embrace the doomsday scenario – most notably the WSWS. I feel as if I have been completely knocked off my feet and attached to a helicopter blade. I have no idea what is going on.

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  3. Excellent article among the others – good show John. I am a writer also and agree with all you say. My weekly letter to America can be read here: https://www.theburningplatform.com/author/austrian-peter/

    We have lots of interesting people on our Admin’s website and he invites all sorts of commentators. This might make you laugh for a short 4 mins – enough said!

    My doctor friend in Brisbane is also of our thinking and writes regularly with evidence just like yours and mine: https://boomfinanceandeconomics.wordpress.com/

    Cheers! AP


    1. Thanks austrianpeter. Will take a look at the Burning Platform. As you imply we are all working towards the same end outcome, namely a world free from tyranny. Will look too at your doctor friend’s site.


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