Liberty or slavery – the Covid options

When America broke free from the clutches of British imperialism and tyranny in the late 18th century it retained a tune that those of my generation will remember from our schooldays – Heart of Oak. For us in the UK this tune is brought down by ultra-patriotic lyrics like “we’ll fight and we’ll conquer again and again.” Actor, David Garrick, wrote the UK words.

While America retained the tune it ditched Garrick’s lyrics and added new, more ideological ones. The Liberty Song was published in 1768 with words by John Dickinson. The chorus goes:

In Freedom we’re born and in Freedom we’ll live.
Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady;
Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money we’ll give.

The chorus alone could cause a rousing debate, especially since Dickinson was a lawyer. Any such debate however would sidetrack my intent because it is a couplet from The Liberty Song that has prompted this post.

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all,
By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall;

Almost certainly that second line gave rise to the chant “United we stand, divided we fall” – the antithesis being “Divide and Rule”, which is apparently derived from the Latin: Divide et impera. A recent article by Russ Bangs in OffGuardian demonstrates how such a policy has torn apart all nations of the world and all people within these nations. The reason is a viral infection that causes COVID-19.

Bangs emphasizes the wrong-thinking of governments in locking everybody down instead of concentrating on the vulnerable, sick and very elderly, that is, those people most likely to die from catching the virus SARS-COV-2. Instead the whole of society has been brainwashed in what Bangs calls a “terror campaign” where through fear a wedge has been driven between members of communities. He goes further.

“But today’s totalitarian potential is far worse than this. Now the regimes aspiring to total domination have terrorized and brainwashed the vast majority of people into an automatic physical distrust of all other people. One no longer fears that someone is an informer, but fears the very existence of another human being.”

What a far cry this is from “united we stand”. The Trades Unions are totally emasculated having gone along with the fabrications that aim to enslave us all. Are unions not supposed to be working on behalf of members? Instead they are succumbing to mainstream indoctrination to help them create an unemployed labour force not known since the great depression of the thirties. Yet good people have put their livelihoods (and perhaps even their lives) at stake to speak the truth about what is going on. Their voices and opinions never make it onto television news or current affairs programmes.

OffGuardian has published statements from at least 30 medical experts, here, here and here, who do not support opinion which allegedly drip-feeds those who govern. I say allegedly because so often when politicians make statements they are wishy-washy: “our medical advisors”, “medical opinion” “a leading medical authority” and the like.

There is fear among many medical practitioners that if they speak out their fate will be the same as that of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Adil and they will be suspended from practicing. Such is the power of the ruling elite. The fear created is that very fear Russ Bangs talks about.

The brave do not cow in times of crisis and there has never been a more pressing time in human history to unite than at the present. So it is welcoming news that a group of US doctors in white coats has collectively broadcast press-statements about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, coupled with azithromycin, coupled with zinc, in the treatment of Covid-19.

The good old BBC, servant to the super-elite masters of brainwash, explains why the video was removed from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Instead of asking whether the claims about hydroxychloroquine are right or wrong the article, by Christopher Giles, Shayan Sardarizadeh & Jack Goodman does a collective ad hominem by associating the doctors with the online right-wing platform Breitbart, with Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and the Tea Party.

It also tries to destroy these front-line doctors’ credibility by quoting representatives from Twitter and YouTube who both sing the same song: it was taken down because it violates their COVID-19 policies, while Facebook “removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for Covid-19”. The glaring error here is that trials for hydroxychloroquine are still ongoing, which prompts the question how Facebook could possibly know that the information is false.

The BBC article further casts doubt on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine by citing the WHO (World Health Organisation) which has curtailed use of the drug in treating COVID-19 with a statement: “While several drug trials are ongoing, there is currently no proof that hydroxychloroquine or any other drug can cure or prevent COVID-19.” What it does not say is that the trials sponsored by WHO, (one of Bill Gates’ favoured charities) according to two of the white coat doctors, were using doses of 2,400 mg when the recommended dose is 200 mg twice a week with a daily dose of zinc.

In medicine low doses are generally administered first then gradually tritated upwards if there is no benefit from a low dose. To administer doses more than ten times the recommended dose is asking for trouble – if not death. In the video Dr Stella Immanuel, an ebullient, well-informed and eloquent black doctor talks of her experience in treating Covid-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc at the point of contact.

“I have personally treated over 350 patients with Covid, patients that have diabetes, patients that have high blood-pressure, patients that have asthma, old people – I think my oldest patient is 92 – 87 year olds, and the results have been the same. I put them on hydroxychloroquine, I put them on zinc. I put them on azithromycin – and they are all well.

For the past few months I’ve taken care of over 350 patients and I have not lost one, not a diabetic, not someone with high blood pressure, not someone with asthma, not an old person – we have not lost one patient, and, on top of that, I put myself, my staff, and many doctors that I know on hydroxychloroquine for prevention, because by the very mechanism of action it works early and as a prophylactic.”

Her department sees 10 to 15 Covid patients every day. They wear surgical masks while giving patients breathing treatment. None of them became sick.

Later in her presentation Dr. Immanuel says:

“I’m upset. Why I’m upset is that I see people that cannot breathe. I see patients walk in, I see diabetics sit in my office knowing that this is a death sentence and they can’t breathe. And I hug them and I tell them, “It’s going to be okay. You’re going to live.” And we treat them and they leave. None has died. So if some fake science, some person sponsored by all these fake pharma companies comes out to say, “We’ve done studies and they found out that it doesn’t work.” I can tell you categorically it’s fixed science. I want to know who is sponsoring that study. I want to know who is behind it because there is no way I can treat 350 patients and counting and nobody is dead and they all did better.”

The fake science she talks of is filtering down from the WHO. In carefully worded statements WHO, which sponsors trials like the one at Solidarity, carefully selects research companies which will deliver a result so it can accept “the recommendation from the Solidarity Trial’s International Steering Committee to discontinue the trial’s hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir arms.” This internecine collaboration calls into question a treatment that has been used for decades to make way for a mass vaccination agenda that super-rich people like Bill Gates want to see enforced.

Dr Simone Gold, who did the introductions of doctors in day one of the Whitecoat Medical Summit, talked about the “spiderweb of fear” that was preventing “thousands” of doctors from speaking out.

“That spiderweb is all around us and it’s constricting us and it’s draining the lifeblood of the American people, American society, and American economy.”

This is the same fear of which Russ Bangs speaks.

Doctors, I implore you, get together and stop the nonsense. You know what is happening. You only have to look at your hospitals and practices to see what six months has done. It will take guts. But do it. Do it collectively. Be brave like doctors from the Whitecoat Medical Summit. Stand up and be counted. Remember the oath some of you took. Remember the code of medical ethics. Most importantly support your colleagues who have taken a stand, because the more of you that do, the less other courageous souls will be persecuted.

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all,
By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall;

Otherwise there will be no more holidays abroad, no more football matches, no more gatherings anywhere, no beaches, no schools, no leisure except for the super-rich elite. The rest of us will be slaves, slaves in masks, keeping so far from one another there will be no further procreation – except by the super-rich elite.

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