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“Gas. Gas, quick boys . . .” useless protective equipment

July 11, 2020

Gas. Gas, quick boys . . .ā€

Wilfred Owen’s full, if disturbing, poem here.

That was World War One. By the time of Second World War there were gas masks that everyone could use from the very start. We had one for the baby (that was me) in which I would have been lain during a gas-attack should there have been one. Fortunately gas was not used. The mask was fully contained and when I was about five I found it stashed away. It has since been admitted that these gas-masks would have been useless. They were also carcinogens as this article shows.

People were instructed at the start of the Second World War to carry masks with them everywhere they went. They were uncomfortable to wear, ugly to look at, smelt badly of stale rubber, and people wearing them could not see where they were going. On long marches one of the first things soldiers ditched was the gas mask – though they kept the pouch which was useful for carrying essentials. Gas masks were useless.

Equally useless are the COVID-19 masks which as this experiment shows cause more harm than good, and could even kill.

This morning the Conservative government announced that masks may become compulsory in shops in England. They are already compulsory in Scotland. What absolute nonsense! No conclusive evidence has ever been produced to show these masks protect. As with the gas masks of the WWII these masks are useless. They look ugly, are ineffective and demonstrate just how gullible the public is now.

Scots are resourceful and careful with their money, or so it is said. I can picture before too long these otherwise useless accessories going under the kilt, especially when it starts blowing a hooley. So there might be a use for them yet. Till then follow the government advice. Or wake up!

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  1. Peter Wakeham permalink – please download this report, print it off and give to as many people as you can. Share with friends etc. on Fakebook and Twitter, also send a copy to your MP to oppose the idiocy of Boris Von Johnsod.

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