Subtle strategy to suppress the truth

Back in 2012 when I was writing for News Junkie Post I co-authored an article with the late Rafik Saley and Okoth Osewe (who lived in Sweden and researched the Swedish angle for me). It had a big impact because it showed that the then Swedish ambassador to Australia, Olaf Petersson, had been involved in extraordinary rendition on behalf of the CIA, in which two rendered Swedish residents were tortured.

This article went global. And so it should have done. Sadly it was not Mr. Petersson or the CIA whose freedoms had been taken away from them but that of Julian Assange. Tonight in looking for another article from my 8 pages on the NJP website I was unable to locate the one on Sweden’s collaboration with the CIA. This did not particularly surprise me. Little does in this day and age.

Due to my political articles and contentious blogs I have already experienced shadow-banning in the past but what I found tonight was concerning, because it is a new and more subtle way of keeping the truth concealed.

Here is a larger screendump of the featured image that heads this article. It is page 8 of my personal archive showing the first article I wrote for NJP.

2020-02-10 (2)

The article I was looking for should have been found at the bottom of page 7 but it was not there, as you can see.
2020-02-10 (3)

The missing article is of wide importance and little wonder certain people don’t want you to see it, I am keeping this blog post short so you can click on the link and learn some unsavoury truths rather than concentrate too much on how freedom-of-speech continues to be eroded and who has the power to do this. After all, a good man’s liberty is at stake.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There is no conspiracy here. I have contacted the editor of NJP, Gilbert Mercier, and he has pointed out that the reason it is not indexed in my personal archive is because it is a collaborative piece. Anyway the article is still worth reading so I will leave it up and accept my error like a man.

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