No place for contentious criticism on 9/11

Some poor academic, Jean-Pierre Rocher, has written a book “History of the 20th Century in Flash Cards published by Ellipses. Jean-Pierre Rocher, based on surveys of under 35s found that 21% of them believed the statement: “This global event – without doubt orchestrated by the CIA (secret services) to impose American influence on the Middle East? – hit the symbols of American power on its own territory.”

As under 35s is the target readership of the book it seems a reasonable sentence to include.

Ellipses, the book’s publisher, spoke on behalf of the author saying that the statement was not the opinion of the publisher and that Jean Pierre Rocher wanted to delete the sentence, though he was not interviewed himself.

There are certain things to be noted here.

1. It took a schoolteacher and a conspiracy watch-site on Facebook to contact the publisher before the publisher was aware that a certain sentence (or sentences) should not have appeared in the book. This is nonsense. All books are proofread before going to press. Now they may wish it wasn’t there. But it is.

2. The author may not hold that view (at least now) but one fifth of the populace under 35 who were surveyed did and that is significant enough for an alternative opinion to the mainstream argument to have representation – if free speech is still on the agenda. It surprises me that the figure is so small. It is presumably kept down due to the relentless efforts of the BBC and other mainstream outlets to make sure the truth is never learnt.

3. All books which have not yet been sent to bookshops are going to have an addendum slip correcting this “error”. Debate is dead. Well of course it is not. And thanks to this book and the publicity it is receiving will most likely boost that 21% figure. Similarly the number of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has risen as more people start to question from a few hundred to thousands.

History will show that the United States was behind 9/11. At least that is what I believe. It happened with the Gulf of Tonkin incident in which a US navy ship opened fire on non-existent North Vietnam navy ships which it claimed had opened fire. This false-flag incident was used to increase US involvement in the Vietnam War. And we all know the cost of that in human lives and maimings. Another false flag incident happened when Japan blew up a railway siding at Mukden in Manchuria, blamed it on the Chinese, and used it as an excuse to invade the territory with the aim of increasing its empire. These incidents are now accepted as fact. However, anybody pointing out the truth at the time was a conspiracy theorist.

The problem with 9/11, and what makes it different, is that the targets were US civilians. No government is going to admit to mass murdering its own people while any of the perpetrators are still alive and in power. No patriotic person would want to believe their government capable of such an act. So history in the form of false-flags repeats itself. By the time people eventually realise what happened everybody, politicians, truthers and all those who believed the lies, are dead. Nobody then has any interest. It is history!

Let’s hope these evildoers are exposed before they face divine justice.

Note: I am now paying for this blog and apologise for all the adverts that previously appeared. It was only when I saw the site as others see it that I realised how irritating it must have been.

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