Former SBU officer dishes the dirt on Ukraine

Vasily Nikolaevich Prozorov, a former SBU (Ukrainian Security Services) officer, escaped to Russia with a huge trove of potentially damaging information against the Poroshenko regime. It ranges from the running of black sites where prisoners are tortured and deprived of air to Ukraine’s culpability in the downing of MH17. Also in the trove is the involvement of the CIA and MI6 in joint operations with the SBU.

Prozorov gave an international press-conference yesterday outlining some of his revelations. Independent observers believe there is a lot more to come. One of the torture sites is a warehouse near Mariupol military airport (see cover image of interior). It is known that two people have died from the extreme tortures with the possibility of many other deaths since there is a network of secret torture-sites in Ukraine. The prison near Mariupol is referred to as “The Library” and prisoners are called “books”.



Two victims of Ukraine’s torture prisons

Great Britain and the United States have sent a number of advisors to Ukraine. Prozorov claims that the CIA have had a residential presence since the conflict began in 2014 and make regular visits to the SBU headquarters. He even goes so far as to name two MI6 “agents” – Charles Backford and Justin Hartman who went to Kramatorsk for which they had to get special permits from the SBU. He thinks the year was 2016. He further named a member of the [US] Defense Department’s Intelligence Agency, Harry Reid, as a visitor.



Prozorov, V. N. and his SBU credentials

In his televised interview Prozorov was convinced that Ukraine was involved in bringing about the destruction of MH17 which claimed 298 lives and was directed over war-torn Donbas. When he tried to make inquiries into this he was told “If you don’t want to have problems keep your nose out of it.” He named the current deputy chief of the Ukrainian presidential staff Valery Kondratyuk and chief of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s intelligence directorate, Vasily Burba, for the cover up regarding MH17.

In the interview Prozorov appeared to have a strong hand and was keeping his cards close to his chest. There is likely to be more to come. At the time of writing it has been difficult to get a western view on these revelations from our media. It should not be long before Bellingcat is hard at work. In the meantime one dissenting voice, The Koz Times, points out that Prozorov “was dismissed from the post of the senior consultant-expert of a department of the headquarters of the security Service of Ukraine” for “systematic use of alcohol in the workplace, discrediting the rank of officer.”

I have a good idea on what our media might be concentrating.

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