We don’t want Poroshenko in the UK

Everywhere Petro Poroshenko, current president of Ukraine, goes on his campaign to get re-elected he meets with protestors from the extreme right. The chocolate magnate in 2014 started the first civil-war in near 100 years bringing some 10,000 non-combat deaths to his own people. To achieve this he formerly relied on those very militants who are now turning against him with his attacks on the good people of Novorossiya.

Novorossiya is now a breakaway republic comprising pro-Russians living in the Don basin – from where Donbas gets its name. The main administrative areas  are the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR).

Poroshenko is a friend the UK needs less than a rabbit needs a weasel as a pal. Another manipulator, oligarch and warmonger is one too many. We have more than enough already. Although Berezovsky, Glushkov (both murdered) and Abramovich are no longer a direct threat in the UK other mega-crooks and oligarchs are running the city – protected by our secret-services.

But where is the BBC? Where are the other UK MSM channels? They were there on prime-time TV news with almost daily reports of demonstrations on the Maidan prior to the western-sponsored coup to overthrow Yanukovych. This looks a lot more serious than Maidan because of the extreme nationalist element yet there is little if any news coverage.

Anyway when Poroshenko flees, which he will, we don’t want him here. We’ve had enough of these low-lifes.

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