What have our spooks done to Yulia?

If there is an innocent party in the Salisbury poisonings it has to be Yulia Skripal. If she is still alive how frightened she must be to have been taken away from normal society, from everyday interactions, from contact with the outside world. Her life has been sad. In Moscow she was in a relationship, almost a marriage. It was a brief period of happiness in a life which has seen the loss of her mother, Lyudmilla, brother Alexandr (in the featured image) all her pets, (guinea-pigs, cats, dogs) and possibly her father (since we have heard nothing from him either).

Nobody from the media has been given access to her. Her family cannot see her. Representatives from the Russian Embassy cannot see her (in contravention of international law) and in short she is alone in the world. For that reason I ask anyone who has concern for her as a fellow human being to sign this petition.


Thank you.

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