Did Bellingcat get something wrong?

After writing my last blogpost about the latest Bellingcat “revelations” I decided to go looking for their man wanted for poisoning the Skripals. If what I found is correct and it is the same man, he is still living under his real name (not Fedotov) and is now the Vice Consul of the recently-opened Russian Embassy in Marseille, France, the one pictured in the featured image. It could be a different person, of course, but that is generally the career path of a spook. Ask Pablo Miller and Christopher David Steele.

I don’t expect Eliot Higgins or Moritz Rakuszitzky to thank me for saving them further embarrassment because according to them the Russians had stopped any search reference to Sergeyev, that is Denis Vyacheslavovich Sergeyev. Bellingcat wrote:

“Notably, we have established that in the last two months, Russian authorities have taken the unusual measure of erasing any public records of the existence of Denis Sergeev, as well as of Anatoly Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin, the main two suspects in the Skripal poisoning.”

So after a few hours he turns up alive and well and is unlikely to be connected with his “alter ego”, as Bellingcat put it, Sergey Vyacheslavovich Fedotov. Here is a contact number if our spooks want to get in touch with theirs, though it is for emergency.

Russian Embassy in Marseilles staff

I wonder if part 2 of the Bellingcat saga will appear unchanged.

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