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Media lies regarding the Skripals continue like a torrent. Now there is a third man allegedly responsible for the so-called attempted murder of the Skripals conjured up by disinformation specialists.

Sergey Fedotov, is the supposed alias of a Russian agent in this latest manifestation in a saga which has seen the Skripal house taken apart for decontamination from a supposed military-grade organophosphate which our media dubbed “Novichok”. It was dubbed Novichok (a western invented name) to blame this MI6-scripted narrative on those pesky Russians. You watch, very soon a picture will appear of this latest fictitious character, and Bellingcat will be paid thousands to tell us who it “really” is!

As I demonstrated in my last piece on Pablo Miller there never was any “military-grade poison”, no Novichok or similar substance. If there had been Salisbury would have been shut down. Fentanyl was the substance identified by the experts. The letter from Stephen Davies reproduced in the featured image is quite categorical that there was no nerve agent. It was written because the A&E department was getting flooded with people imagining they had been poisoned by a nerve agent thanks to a gullible press and the uncaring people who feed them these nonsense stories. Stephen Davies had to write the letter to allay general fears in the city.

Since then, from memory, a park-bench has been destroyed, tables from Gigi’s destroyed and most of the Skripal house has been taken apart over this scandalous fabrication. The Skripals have probably been murdered to keep them quiet. (At least neither has been heard of for six months.) Yulia Skripal’s cousin, Viktoria Skripal, was the last to have heard Yulia’s voice. Unfortunately Yulia went off-script, apologised for previous criticisms of her cousin and said that now she knew everything because she had been given access to the internet. That was a costly mistake. Now Viktoria Skripal is filing or has filed a missing persons report seeking the whereabouts of Yulia and her father.

The disinformation specialists Orbis Business Intelligence, Integrity Initiative and the ludicrous Bellingcat have cost to the taxpayer millions to perpetuate one of the biggest porkies since 9/11.

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  1. certainly a huge amount of public money has been spent over a massive clean-up across Salisbury which has removed several bags worth of ( Belling)cat-shit….i wonder what the folk spending hours and hours doing this really think …


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