More provocation from Kiev

Petro Poroshenko’s popularity is close to rock bottom. There is no way he could possibly win an election at the end of March 2019 (the deadline). Although he is very unpopular in Ukraine he is popular with the US deep state – which put him in power. Now he is, with the help of extreme Ukrainian nationalists, western-funding, western-weapons and training, making a last-ditch effort to cling onto his precarious leadership.
Recent provocation in the Kerch strait showed that Poroshenko is quite prepared to ignore international law. Documents found on board the two small artillery boats, “Berdyansk”, and “Nikopol”, under the  command of D. V. Gritsenko show that this was a covert operation. As a reconnaissance mission it contravenes Article 19, 2, j, and Articles  19, 2, (c) and (d) of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).
Last week I wrote about released intelligence that shows a Syrian-style false-flag event is being planned. Tonight it has emerged that contrary to the Minsk 2 agreement Poroshenko’s adviser, Yury Biryukov, is proudly boasting that Kiev forces now control the gray zone. This was a buffer-zone set up in accordance with the terms of the agreement to prevent heavy weapons from either side being deployed by either side.
Poor decision-making is the typical action of a dictator who is on the way out. Reasoning becomes muddled and drastic or irrational actions take place in that leader’s attempt to  cling to power. If he was a real man he would accept the fact that his popularity is in decline and face the electorate or bow out in favour of a successor. When unbalanced personalities get into power they make unbalanced decisions especially when their reign is coming to a close. This could have dire consequences for the rest of Europe, even the world.



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