Planned false flag in Donbas

It is almost Christmas in Donbas. It is white. The children are celebrating with Russia’s Father Christmas, Dyed Moroz (Grandfather Frost). Despite such festive preparations everything is not well.

Unless something happens to change his fortunes, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is heading for a landslide defeat in the elections at the end of March. His popularity, and the popularity of the coup government he leads, could hardly be lower. This does not augur well for the west who put him there – according to Wikileaks cables Poroshenko has been “our Ukraine insider” since 2006.

To give him a chance of being re-elected the US (aided by the UK), according to previously reliable intelligence, is planning chemical attacks on civilians with the aim of blaming it on Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Here is UK reporter Graham Phillips’ report with a plea from the Head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin. I urge everyone to be aware of these forthcoming false-flags, and who the real culprits are.

“Address from DPR Head Denis Pushilin:

The DPR reconnaissance obtained new data confirming the preparation by the Kiev regime under the Western curators’ leadership of a large-scale provocation against their own people, which could lead to mass casualties.

Ukraine’s security services are planning to conduct sabotage at environmentally hazardous enterprises near the contact line of the parties, followed by accusation of Russia and the republics of Donbass of the crime. These are primarily enterprises that use chlorine, ammonia and other hazardous substances in their production.

As another option, they consider the use of chemical warfare agents allegedly released on the DPR territory. There is evidence that the Americans have already prepared shell fragments smeared with combat poisons to lend credibility to the accusations against the DPR and Russia. I believe that the purpose of the provocation is the unleashing of hostilities in Donbass and the abolition of the presidential elections in Ukraine, in which Poroshenko has no chance of winning.

The operation is coordinated by military attaches and personnel representatives of the US and British special services.

Western military intelligence officers, on the basis of a methodology worked out in Syria, have already spelled out an action plan for the Kiev regime. Work is underway to create an analogue of Syrian White Helmets in Ukraine, which, according to the creators, should record the consequences of population poisoning and falsify video materials that allegedly prove involvement in anti-human actions of the militia forces and Russia.

We appeal to the world community, the UN, the OSCE and other humanitarian missions to prevent the unleashing of large-scale military actions in Donbass. We do not want innocent civilian casualties.

Denis Pushilin, Head of the DPR”

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