Ukraine – the end of democracy

Just over a week ago I left this comment on Craig Murray’s blog. I have used it as the featured image for this post. I was almost spot on in suggesting that something would happen to prevent elections when I wrote:

“The west has forgotten that the Fascists dictated to from Kiev are constantly bombarding these republics, and although they are not considered to be free from Ukraine they cannot vote in Ukraine elections. What did the western sponsored coup achieve? A failed state, headed by a leader who almost everybody despises, Poroshenko. who is unlikely ever to be returned short of another dictatorship move, like a claim that the country is too unstable to hold elections.”

It appears that dictatorship  move has just happened. Yesterday, in total provocation of Russia and total disregard for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), Poroshenko sent military vessels into the Kerch Strait without requesting permission from the port authorities at Kerch. Today he has declared martial law for 60 days because Russia arrested the crews and impounded the vessels.

If you read to the foot of the RT article above you will notice just how low Poroshenko’s ratings are. The criminal money-launderer and embezzler, Yulia Tymoshenko, imprisoned under a democratically elected government, leads the running with a comedian, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, hot on her heels. The situation is much more provocative than Russia Today suggests and it looks like the Russian media as well as the western media are trying to downplay this potentially catastrophic state of affairs.

What neither are reporting is the attack on Donbass civilian areas yesterday. I read this article yesterday which has been updated to mention the Kerch Strait incident. You might ask why you cannot get the link below to work because I don’t know.

Most people detest liars. Before Poroshenko came to power through a coup the first thing he said he would do was unite Ukraine. The very next day he was bombing the poor people of Donbas and Lugansk. I am not one to normally recommend the works of the super rich but he should really read Dale Carnegie on winning friends and influencing people.

I suspect he will go out with a bang.













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