Russia Today is being blocked by the SS

As you know I discovered that my petition to let Yulia Skripal speak was being blocked and only I could see it on the RT site. That petition, as far as I can establish, has been up for almost a week on the comment feed of Russia Today’s article Whatever happened to the Skripals?

Many comments around the article were deleted including one by Forbjuden in an attempt to get rid of the non-existent petition that appeared to be there but only to me. Forbjuden’s comment read: “Skripal poisoning was a psyop that has backfired. The best they can do now is just to pretend to be quite (sic) and talk about parking tickets and teenage pregnancies.”

As you can see it had 70 likes after 4 hours and there was no reason for the moderators to remove it. But somebody did remove it.

Petition on RT not actually there only to me2 Forbjuden comment

When I went to check today (08/05/2018) it showed that the petition itself had supposedly been up for 6 days without a single like, without a single share. I suspect it will be there for eternity yet nobody but me can see it.

While I concede that it is impressive to have developed software which makes it appear that you have shared something when you have not the software developers should be metaphorically roasted over the coals for leaving such a blatant glitch in their work. Or perhaps it was deliberately coded that way by a developer loyal to ordinary people, someone who does not want spooks to control the planet. Unfortunately there are not enough Edward Snowdens about.





2 thoughts on “Russia Today is being blocked by the SS

  1. John, I use every day, but I’ve not see your petition there, so no idea how it is going. (Though I was one of the early signers whern first you put it up on Change.) I think we should all be extremely concerned about (especially) Yulia Skripal – it does seem that she has been effectively kidnapped by the state. A really appalling situation. Have you heard anything new at all on this?


    1. Hi Gordon G, there has been a little renewed activity today. Thanks for being one of the first to sign on Change. Others have commented that they do not see it on RT but I have been unable to get a response from RT so I have no idea whether they are aware.
      There is a new article by Saker up today and I have (ostensibly) put comments and the petition on that comment section.

      Somebody suggests that the comment section to RT is run by a separate provider and not by RT which makes some kind of sense.


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