Skripal petition and the deep state

As some of you will know I started a petition on 30 May 2018 in order to have Yulia Skripal explain what actually happened to her when she and her father were poisoned. The petition actually started as an E-petition to parliament. It quickly got the required 5 signatures (20 in fact were queuing up to be first to sign) but more than a week later it was rejected on the grounds that it “included confidential, libellous, false or defamatory information, or a reference to a case which is active in the UK courts.”

My government also hid the petition from view in case it gave others any ideas.

“We’ve marked this petition as confidential to avoid causing distress to the Skripal family.”

The Skripal family in Russia are actually desperate to learn any news about what has happened to Sergey and Yulia. From the rejected E-petition I used the same wording for the Change petition. It is linked in the first sentence at the start of this blog-post.

On Mayday, the day after the Change petition was initiated, the news broadcasting channel Russia Today (RT) asked why everything about the Skripals had gone deadly quiet in the western media. The timing for this story could not have been better. To my mind it was an ideal opportunity to promote the petition in a comment. I thought it would go ballistic.

In trying to accomplish this meteoric launch into the stratosphere where all successful petitions orbit I have learnt something quite shocking, though I should be getting difficult to shock by now.

I posted a link to the RT article in a comment with the text: “I have started the following petition. We have heard nothing from Yulia since her telephone call to her cousin Viktoria.”

I waited a while. No likes and no comments. So I included the link as a reply to another comment, one by Forbjuden, which talked about the poisoning being a psyop that backfired. That I thought would get the petition going. Wrong!

Petition on RT not actually there only to me2

Because the previous comment of mine was getting no attention I considered it redundant or superfluous to its inclusion in my reply to Forbjuden and went to delete it. This was not possible. Hello I thought. Why can I not delete it? The answer had to be ─ it was not there. Only I could see it.

Petition on RT not actually there only to me a

I refreshed the screen. Lo and behold my reply to Forbjuden and the link disappeared though not the comment and link I originally posted which I had tried to delete. That was still there. More than that. Forbjuden’s comment disappeared too. Don’t laugh.

I was able to like his comment even though it was not there and the number of likes went up from 72 to 73.

Petition on RT not actually there only to me3 a

This really set me wondering. This kind of post manipulation by the deep state must have been going on for a long time. I thought back to the number of times I have posted articles and comments on Facebook in particular to the group “American Foreign Policy is bad for all” which is a site of which I am the sole administrator. Even after I pinned posts they did not get a single like or comment. I suspected only I could see the posts. I was even stupid enough on occasion to ask if others could see my post.

I had no proof then. I think now proof is evident that you can post something in good faith and only you can see it. I am not saying that is true for everybody and suspect it is only those of us under the radar.

The original comment, is still there on 2 May (at least I can see it) and it still has no likes or discussion about it. Meanwhile Forbjuden’s comment, which is not visible to me 10 hours later, has 139 likes.

Petition on RT not actually there only to me8

There were more than 300 signatures to this petition in less than a day. With shares it should have grown exponentially like a mushroom because of the number of people who really want to know what has happened to Yulia Skripal. Instead, against all predictions, the rate of signature growth is falling. My suspicion is that the URL wherever it appears is being blocked by the Deep State ─ those Orwellian controllers of you and me unless somebody can provide another logical reason. What else could account for these peculiar happenings?

The featured image accompanying this post shows the comment I cannot delete after 15 hours. Still no likes, still no comments. Who else can see it? I suspect the deleted comments are not the work of RT moderators. Forbjuden’s is no longer there.

P. S. I should be obliged if somebody could get a copy of this blog-post to RT.

6 thoughts on “Skripal petition and the deep state

  1. I did try and sign your petition, seemed to be some snag in the form of an error code…..
    The fix is well and truly in, I would say.


  2. So true – I have actually watched the numbers on my own posts go backwards!! Edward Snowden showed that GCHQ has the tech to change likes/posts/stats etc on many social platforms – so the whole of our society is being manipulated by the deep state


  3. It’s disturbing but not unexpected. One day we might get an egalitarian society with no deep state. Utopian, perhaps, but if hope is dead what is there to live for?


  4. I also tried to put up an e-petition to HMG, but though I got the 5 (+) initial required backers, after a while it was rejected on the same grounds as yours.
    Your Change petition is still up, with just 1,120 signers.


    1. Thank you Paul. It is an uphill struggle. You can only have petitions now which concur with government philosophy. In ther words they’re telling us not to rock the boat. Are you listening?


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