Theresa May should resign immediately

This is a letter to my member of parliament.

Steve McCabe, MP

Dear Steve,

Over the last few weeks I have watched a shambles of government making false (or at least unsubstantiated) accusations against a major power, Russia, culminating in coordinated air-strikes on Syria, which began late on Friday 13 April 2018. This was done without consulting parliament. It might even be speculated that this attack has been long planned to take place during the Easter recess of parliament. Three permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations (UK, France and US) joined forces to attack targets which the OPCW has no evidence were used for the manufacture of chemical weapons.

There was clearly no threat to the UK (but there might be now). These assumed false-flags, the Skripal Affair and the alleged chemical attack by Bashir al Assad on his own people, are ludicrous reasons to launch air-strikes when the OPCW has yet to confirm whether there has been a chemical attack. Indeed, Russia Today, interviewed a doctor at the hospital in Douma who said that the hospital was treating patients for smoke inhalation when a camera crew and people not belonging to the hospital rushed in shouting there had been a chemical attack. Here is another report about it.

These reports, and similar, always seem to be more credible than anything I see on our media and it troubles me that Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Gavin Wilkinson are making such fools of themselves and my country on the World Stage. The Skripal Affair makes it look like we have abducted Yulia Skripal and prevented contact between her, the press and everybody (including allowing granting her consular access and access to family members). I am worried about this young woman’s welfare. We want to hear what she has to say, not a police statement on her behalf.

We used to have diplomats in this country, people who got around a table and worked things out. If this was not such a serious issue it would be ludicrous, two issues where the government has taken action without evidence. I urge you and fellow MPs to call for the resignation of this inept government. There was no reason to preempt the findings of the OPCW and take military action without the authority of parliament. I consider this to be violation of parliamentary protocol and the right to govern, and a total disregard for the opinions of the electorate: in other words democratic dictatorship. Please call for Theresa May to resign before we all get bombed to smithereens.

Yours sincerely,

John Goss

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