The expected false-flag in Syria

Less than two days ago I wrote:

“. . . Some have commented that this episode was a prelude to a western-promoted nerve agent attack in Syria to blame on the Syrians and Russians. Russia has been talking of intelligence for some weeks that a chemical attack was planned. This might have been fended off by the Skripal affair which has backfired badly on those who organised it. . .”

It was not fended off despite Yulia Skripal’s leaked telephone conversation with her cousin Viktoria in which contrary to all western mainstream media news reports she said she and her father were fine and she could not wait to get back to Russia. The next day, because this truth emerged, came a miraculous recovery of the man who only hours before had been described as “critical but stable”.

For anybody who has not worked out the plan by our secret services (MI6/CIA) it is this. The idea was to blame Russia for poisoning the Skripals with a nerve-agent called Novichok, then get their friends “The White Helmets” – already nominated for an Oscar for previous performances – to stage yet another chemical attack in Syria. “Independent” observers and the OPCW examiners would go to Syria and find – you’ve guessed it – Novichok.

The purpose of this charade is to cancel the World Cup in Russia. Why would the west want to do that? It is quite obvious. The fastest-growing world news broadcaster is Russia Today. No doubt RT has its bias but the reason it is growing is because its stories are believable and shown historically to be true. It will quite naturally be broadcasting matches from the World Cup with Stan Collymore and José Mourinho among the talking heads.

If the World Cup goes ahead the trouble for the west is that between matches viewers are going to be exposed to a different type of news – real news. It will come as a shock but viewing figures for Russia Today are sure to increase and the lack of credibility of the west will sink even lower. No wonder bozo Boris and other pedlars of fake news are so worried.

The picture accompanying this piece is of the man who took a photograph of the Skripals in The Mill, Salisbury, some hours before they were found slumped on a bench. Anyone know who he is?

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