The Skripals – questions galore

Fourteen questions are currently being asked of the UK government by Russia in what the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, calls a “fabricated” case. It includes questions on why the French were involved in technical issues regarding the investigation, whether the UK was producing nerve agents, what antidote was given at the scene of the crime, why has Russia been denied consular access and other searching requests for information. On top of those I have a question myself.

Who accessed Yulia Skripal’s Russian Facebook-type account on 7 March 2018? She and her father were allegedly poisoned on 4 March. I have an account and know that if you are logged into the account it says “Online”. If you are not it gives the date and time at which the page was last accessed. In the picture above it can be seen that she, or somebody, was logged-on on 7 March at 6.35 am. Did Yulia actually log into the account two days after her alleged poisoning? Or was it someone else with access to her computer and password? Her last comment was on 3 March. It contained the upload of a video of a dancing dog from the “Jolly Sociopath” (Весёлый Социопат).

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