Skripal case ─ a whale of a lie ─ codename “Beluga”

The fiction writers who created the attempted murder of the Skripals by an alleged Novichok nerve agent might make a modest living scripting second-rate movies. There is room for fantasy in fiction and we all need entertaining but there is a real world too even if the borders are becoming less and less distinct. Appropriately this whole nonsense was dreamt-up by the same people who gave you 9/11, the CIA and MI6. A colander plot-line, the narrative is so full of holes it could not float in the bath, never mind the unpredictable oceans of world diplomacy. Yet many major countries have gone along with it.

Western leaders, led by a Thatcher clone ─ the most unpopular Theresa May ─ are targeting the gullible in a fantasy tale of Behemoth exaggerations to:

  1. Try to reduce the threat to the super-rich ‘one percent’ poised by a Labour government under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.
  2. Respond to the military superiority of Russia outlined in the second part of Vladimir Putin’s address to the nation.
  3. Scupper the World Cup. (The Boris Johnson picture to this article was posted two days after the alleged attack).
  4. Detract from the Brexit ridicule.

Originally there was another intention. The alleged poisoning happened a week before the Russian election which saw Putin returned with a much increased majority. If the aforementioned aims of these scriptwriters go the same way it will have meant more taxpayers’ money down the drain on a lie. The joint efforts of MI6/CIA in this nonsense gave their unbelievable narrative a codename ─ Beluga.

Codename “Beluga”

Thanks to a former French intelligence agent, Paul Barill, we now know that the codename for this operation is “Beluga”. For those who do not know beluga is a white whale, from the Russian word beliy meaning white. But the lie Beluga tells is not a white lie. It is a whale of a lie.

We further know from Barill that the deaths of Alexander Litvinenko and Boris Berezovsky were not the work of the Russian government any more than the deaths of the Skripals. It is sad but it seems the Skripals will never be heard from again, the simple reason being that dead people tell no tales. If the Skripals could tell tales they would lead eight miles up the road to Porton Down.

Neither do we get any tales from Salisbury District Hospital. Either a police spokesman, like Neil Basu, head of national counter-terrorism or a government spokesperson handles this aspect of ‘news’, which in the real world is unbelievable. So many people panicked after the ‘attack’ it prompted one consultant at the hospital, Stephen Davies, to write the following letter to the Times:

“Sir, Further to your report (“Poison Exposure Leaves Almost 40 Needing Treatment”, Mar 14), may I clarify that no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning in Salisbury and there have only ever been three patients with significant poisoning. Several people have attended the emergency department with concerns that they may have been exposed. None had symptoms of poisoning and none has needed treatment. Any blood tests performed have shown no abnormality. No member of the public has been contaminated by the agent involved. STEPHEN DAVIES, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust”

Up to now that is the only communication from Salisbury District Hospital except for non-medical statements from the chief executive, Cara Charles-Barks, predominantly on the release of Serjeant Nick Bailey. I do not discount that some inducement towards this statement may have been made considering the enormous £12.5 million debt owed by the Salisbury NHS Trust which was announced earlier this year.

As well as the revelations from retired French intelligence officer Paul Barill there has been some very serious work from a Bulgarian journalist and researcher, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, which goes into considerable detail as to what Porton Down has been up to on behalf of the CIA in recent decades. It is a dirty business, not just for the nasty substances involved, multiple substances  including anthrax and Eboli virus, chemical and biological weapons and various gases, but for the unnecessary suffering caused to hundreds of thousands of sentient animals cruelly tortured by the sadists there who have no conscience about the sanctity of life.

As most people know ISIS was supplied with chemical weapons as an attempt to create a false-flag event to blame on Bashir al Assad. This could easily have been supplied by Porton Down or any number of other secret establishments around the globe which are staffed by US personnel working in isolation from indigenous personnel. Of the Skripal poisonings Gaytandzhieva writes:

“Tests using nerve agents VX and VM on guinea pigs were  carried out at Poton Down in 2015. The project was funded by the UK Ministry of Defence. Interestingly, guinea pigs were also found at Sergei Skripal’s home in Salisbury, just a few kilometers away from the secretive chemical and biological military lab. A photo of the Skripals’ pets – a cat and guinea pigs, was posted by his daughter Yulia on Facebook.”

She reveals that in 2013 as an experiment Porton Down scientists released chemical gas on the London Underground without informing the public. You can read the whole article here and I urge you to do so.


This article shows that our media and government are fattening up the ovine public on a diet of lies. The USA controls the western world. We have people leading the country without the main credentials to govern ─ believability and diplomacy. We have a prime minister who condemns without any evidence a very important and powerful country on the world stage, a defence-secretary who tells Russia to “go away” and “shut up” and a foreign secretary who has made so many guffaws another dozen or so will make little difference. These people belong in the realms of fiction. Unfortunately they are in the real world.

The fag-master over bumbling Boris Johnson, the Billy Bunter of Eton, reached the conclusion that “caning did him no good at all”. Or was that Quelch? The paranoid monomaniac captain of the country, Theresa May, is hell-bent on harpooning a huge white whale called Beluga and she will risk the whole crew of the Pequod, and all its fellow-travellers, to try and achieve the unachievable.  Or was that Captain Ahab? Invited to the tea-party is the rudest Defence Secretary the country has ever known, Gavin Williamson, also know as The Mad Hatter. Separate fact from fiction if you can. I am having great difficulty.

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