Democratic Dictatorship

When we marched through London to Hyde Park in an effort to prevent Tony Blair’s War in Iraq we were totally ignored. Blair had no interest in the electorate. He just wanted to destabilise Iraq and see western companies installed to steal the oilfields. Clare Short summed his attitude up by saying that he never took notice of comments in cabinet. He just gave diktats. In essence Blair was an elected dictator.


Photo credit: Al Jazeera

Nothing has changed. Today it is Theresa May ignoring the electorate. Having just returned from a visit to Trump, in which she bent over to meet his every wish, she is ignoring a petition to parliament to prevent Trump coming to the UK on a state visit. Downing Street through a spokesperson has stated to the BBC:

“The invitation has been issued and accepted. . . To scrap the visit would undo everything following Mrs May’s visit. America is a huge and important ally we have to think long term.”

If anyone needed further proof that the United Kingdom was merely a colony of the United States it is now very clear for all to see. The petition, growing by the second, reached a million signatures in less than two days. Elected dictators can ignore such petitions and the will of the people.

Another petition which has doubly exceeded the target for which it is considered for parliamentary debate is one against the ‘Snoopers Charter‘ which allows the secret services to gather yet more information on all UK citizens. This just demonstrates how little respect the government has for the electorate: absolutely none. Parliamentary debate has been rejected on the grounds that it was fully debated before being issued and “underwent unprecedented scrutiny”. Unprecedented scrutiny just means that the scrutiny, which was minimal, was unique to this unique bill and only scrutinised by a few hand-picked servants of the crown who have no interest in people’s privacy. You can read the so-called debates here.

On serious issues like this there should be referenda.

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