Gongs, Globes and Glory

Emma Stone is up for an Oscar for Best Actress as an award for her lacklustre performance in La La Land. She may well win it. It is the world we live in ― a world of lies and deceit.

Another nominee for an Oscar is a short documentary called White Helmets which follows the work of a paramilitary group purporting to be a first responder unit in the US-funded war in Syria. The director’s angle is focused on the first-responder aspect of this group, which itself was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace. It actually won the Right Livelihood Award.

Director, Orlando von Einsiedel, was nowhere near the shooting of film footage in Aleppo but safely on the border of Syria and Turkey. The White Helmets are US/UK-funded and set up by ex-military Sandhurst officer James Le Mesurier. Their reputation for impartial news is very low yet it has got many stories out broadcast on mainstream media later found to have been fake including the rescue of mannequins and the rescue of the same child on several occasions.

Those with power bestow honour on those who perform on their behalf. At the end of his term of office Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama awarded his sleazy vice president, Jo Biden, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Between them this pair and their staffers turned Ukraine into a failed state with an ongoing civil-war for which there appears to be no end. To rub salt in the Donbas people’s wounds Jo Biden’s junkie son, Hunter, is director of Burisma Holdings which plans to frack the life out of Ukraine’s countryside. Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy for Cocaine abuse the same year he became director of Burisma Holdings.

When the Nobel Peace Prize goes to people like Obama, Sadat and Begin it diminishes the value of the award. Perhaps all awards and medals should be scrapped. Except sometimes the recipient is worthy of decoration.

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