Why those of us on the left should not protest against Donald Trump

In a few hours Donald Trump will be inaugurated 45th President of the United States. He has made some outlandish statements regarding immigrants and women without even mentioning environmental issues. In his favour he has promised to take on the big pharmaceutical companies, improve relations with Russia and withdraw from supporting war in foreign lands. The purpose he says is to concentrate on internal US affairs creating small business opportunities to make the US great again. We have all heard superlative pre-election rhetoric from politicians and the broken promises that follow.

Trump though is not a politician. He is a businessman in the construction industry. A politician would never make totally adverse comments about women’s issues or any other issues perceived by most to be politically incorrect and therefore a vote-loser. That is one reason I believe him to be an honest man. He is misguided on some issues and fair on others. When the awful event that brought about endless war against Islamic countries which had oil and other resources  he was there in New York, and interviewed on state radio. Here is the interview he gave where he says there was no way the twin towers could have been brought down by aircraft alone broadcast on the very day they fell to earth.

I am a mechanical engineer and on this issue I know Trump was right. The bringing down of the twin towers and building 7 at the world trade centre changed the face of the world. It enabled George W. Bush to initialise the ongoing ‘war on terror’ as it was labelled then. Trump could see that those buildings could not have been brought down by aircraft alone. Today a growing number of architects and engineers agree. More than 2,750 well-qualified individuals do not believe that planes brought down the buildings. This number grows almost daily. It may be that the only way a proper inquiry into 9/11 can happen is when Trump becomes president. Sadly it might not be top of his priorities

Lots of protests have been arranged against Trump’s presidency and people need to ask themselves why. Good Americans usually accept it if an opposition politician wins over their approved choice. Why has that changed with Trump? George Soros has put big money into these protests. Soros and other mega-oligarchs do not want change. You watch at the inauguration the mainstream media will be focusing on support for protestors against Trump. Bear in mind that this is exactly the same thing that happened on Kiev’s Maidan.

The coverage of Maidan Square protests is a prime example of how our media manipulate thought. Protests on Maidan were broadcast almost nightly right up to February 2014 when the coup d’état took place. Interestingly after the coup, when Poroshenko, their man, was in charge, a terrible civil-war took place which has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 Ukrainians. This has hardly been touched upon by prime-time news in the BBC. It is disgusting that protests which were largely peaceful had so much coverage while the ensuing civil-war which is still going on and has claimed so many lives has been neglected beyond belief. Think about it.

Thanks to funding from individuals, foundations and organisations, including NATO, the Poroshenko puppet government was responsible for the first civil-war in Ukraine for more than 90 years and the death toll has been worse even than in Palestine over the last few years. To establish Poroshenko a legitimately elected government was deposed due to protests which got prime-time BBC and NBC coverage. There has not been a civil-war in America for more than 150 years. Yet the world manipulators would rather have a civil-war than see an elected president come to power who they cannot control. Others can see what is happening too. Professor Michel Chossudovsky can see that, like Ukraine, this is another attempt at a colour revolution.


The election of Trump is one of the most unique events in modern history. It gives a chance to return power to the people, rather than the secret services and their big-banking manipulators. Today the same oligarchs who own the media and support destabilising wars and bombings in Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Yemen and other countries where human life is given no consideration want the left, you and me, to protest on their behalf against Trump. I am not going to join these protests. Neither should you.

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  1. Your readers should hear the unedited version of Trump’s interview:

    At 04:25 Trump says that if he had been president:

    “Well, I’d be taking a very, very tough line, Alan, I mean, you know, most people feel they know, at least approximately, the group of people who did this and where they are, but, boy would you have to take a hard line on this, this just can’t be tolerated […] This was probably worse than Pearl Harbour…”

    Here’s Charlie Thornton, structural engineer, interviewed by Jeff Hill of PumpItOut; 01:45:

    Thornton – “…but in addition the building was so light that the dynamic studies done back in the early ’60s showed that the building would have been unoccupiable…”

    Hill – “[…] I understand too is like if you go back to early footage of the Trade Center early interviews, they were the strongest steel structures mankind had ever known, they were like a triumph for engineering, and all a sudden now, they’re saying they’re like just these light, almost like, made of balsa wood or something”.

    Thornton: – “The people who designed it and the Port Authority in their public relations and publicity said what you just said, but in fact, in plain English, the buildings were a piece of shit, were horrible. They were horrible buildings, they used a open-web bar joist which has one inch diagonals, it’s like a high-school gym roof, you can’t spray’em [with fireproofing], and it would never have been allowed if the Port Authority had to comply with the New York City Building Department, they didn’t have to, they were immune”.

    So, how honest is our Donald?


    1. Clark, I gave the abridged version in consideration of demands on people’s time, not to mislead. As the full version shows at that time Donald Trump was friends with Larry Silverstein. Did you know too that Hillary Clinton went to Donald Trump’s wedding. After what has happened in this seedy election I doubt Trump would invite her to the White House except on business, but could be wrong. Let time be the judge of his presidency.


    2. “So, how honest is our Donald?”

      The article mentions all the engineers and architects (2750 plus) who do not agree that the buildings were structurally unsound. You have been rather selective in your quotes. Charles Thornton, who was on the flawed NIST investigation team into 9/11, and his partner Richard Tomasetti who was responsible for recycling some of the WTC steel before it could be fully investigated, might well want people to think the buildings were structurally weak, rather than have public opinion look in another direction for the real cause. Who knows?


  2. Fair enough, John. Thornton’s comments about the Twin Towers are indeed the most scathing I’ve encountered. However, it is a matter of record that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey did not have to comply with either state or city building codes, and that they attempted to withhold building plans and documentation from the investigations, eventually releasing them only under non-disclosure agreements.

    “Who knows?”

    Well all of us are in a position to investigate. Something I haven’t got around to is a comparison between the Twin Towers and other tall buildings, particularly older ones before the framed tube design, for instance the Empire State – overall density, quantity of steel per unit volume and unit height, that sort of thing. For instance, I’ve read that the Twin Towers used 40% less steel compared with previous designs.


  3. Donald Trump is not honest. He’s honestly a business person, which isn’t good or bad. I think Carrier and his recent decision to leave out Saudi Arabia on his list of proscribed countries for purposes of immigration are proof enough. And, these days, We should be clear about who we mean when we say ‘Left’.

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