The IAAF Olympics Committee is worse than Adolf Hitler

At the time of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow for political reasons, purportedly over the USSR’s involvement in Afghanistan, Margaret Thatcher urged athletes not to compete in the Moscow Olympics and supporters to boycott the Games. One of the athletes who defied this advice was Sebatian Coe, who won a gold medal in the 1500 metres. I defied the advice too and went to Moscow where I was treated extremely well. Thatcher did not ban athletes from competing, she just advised them not to go.

The same Sebastian Coe who defied Thatcher has now, as President of the IAAF, spoiled the dreams of athletes, who like him in 1980, have been training for life for this opportunity. It is clearly a political decision and has nothing to do with the few athletes of all nations who choose to cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs. Sadly politics has ruined sport and sportsmanship as I demonstrated in my last post.

Ever since the west set up a puppet-government in Ukraine and imposed sanctions against Russia for following the wishes of the population of Crimea and its alleged military involvement in the civil-war started by Poroshenko, the west has not missed an opportunity to try to punish Russia. Blame Russia. Blame Putin. These are the slogans on the lips of every MSM mouthpiece.

It disturbs me that my country, and other western countries, have gone down the same road as Adolf Hitler in his attitude towads black and non-Aryan people including athetes. Thankfully Hitler was put in his place and Jesse Owens returned to the US with four gold medals only to be snubbed by President Roosevelt. Racism against blacks was the bigotry of the day replaced today by persecution of Muslims. The west in its xenophobic hatred of Russians is no different from Hitler.

Sebastian Coe, no angel himself and in the middle of several corruption scandals, should be ashamed of himself for toadying to the US/UK attempts to discredit Russia. The US economy is on its last legs and this is a cynical diversionary tactic. As a lad I used to run, I was never any good, at the various clubs in the West Riding including Hallamshire (where Coe ran). Coe should think back to those days and all the work he put in building up the speed and stamina that made his dream come true. Then he should consider what this stupid decision of the IAAF has done to crush the dreams of good honest Russian athletes. Nobody from Russia will compete under any flag but Russian.

Can somebody with the knowledge please start a petition to support Russian athletes? I’ll link it here and spread it. Thanks.

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